There are a lot ways to travel inside Canberra on bike. Even better, there are some great gravel cycling routes right inside the city. So much so that it is pretty common for Canberrans to commute across and through some of these routes. These articles highlight some of the better routes I’ve found for a city-based gravel ride, going across and between suburbs, using combinations of well mapped places with lesser known connections.

Bruce Ridge

Single-tracking close to Canberra’s city centre.

Arboretum to Russell

Finished at the arboretum? Try this north Canberra gravel trail.

Stromlo to Arbo

This route connects two single-track hubs through the infrequently used gravel trails of the Molonglo Valley

South Canberra ridges

Canberra’s Nature Parks have great gravel tracks. This route delivers off-road cycling without leaving the city.

Molonglo River Reserve

Riding around LBG is ok, but can get busy. Riding the Molonglo valley on this gravel trail leaves the crowds behind.

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