How good is it to exit the tarmac? Away from the traffic, and connected with what is real. Or how about a quiet country road for a quick city escape? Luckily, I live in a country and city where that is pretty easy to do.

My home town of Canberra has some amazing cycling. Iconic rides like Cotter Uriarra, Fitz’s, and the Centenary Trail.  But there is so much more – discovered by many but not necessarily easily found by those less familiar with what is around our great city.  Particularly if you are prepared to go beyond the tarmac, but not exclusively so.

I started this site because I found it hard to find information about rides I wanted to do. I would love you to take my cycling routes, tailor them as you wish, and head off on your own adventure.  I’ve used Komoot for the maps as it is brilliant for this – you can copy, shorten, lengthen or adapt to your heart’s content.  At the very least I hope the rides and other information on this site provide #cyclinggravel inspiration!

And, if there is something you think I could help with, please comment and get in touch.

See you out there!

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