Bruce Ridge

In addition to Stromlo there are a number of other parts of Canberra that are worth visiting for the single track – particularly as a diversion from a longer ride. One of the more extensive sets of trails is in Bruce Ridge – you could spend an hour or more here and not get terribly bored.

Getting there

Based upon some fairly simplistic observation it appears that most people enter and exit Bruce Ridge via Dryandra Street (which is where the Komoot below exits), or from the bike path near Bruce Stadium / Gungahlin Drive. An alternative is to enter from Black Mountain Reserve, specifically the Parking at the Northern end (marked clearly on the Friends of Black Mountain walk map). My preferred route is to come from the south via Old Weetangera Road, and then exit over Belconnen Way.

Be aware, however, that Belconnen way is a main road crossing. I recommend avoiding peak times if seeking to use this route, but during the day on weekdays and on the weekend a small amount of patience is all that is required.

Exploring the Ridge

It is possible to plot out a pretty extensive explore of the ridge, or just do a few trails. The Komoot below covers the vast majority of the single track, but there are many short-cuts available on the access trails that also criss-cross the park. None of the trails are particularly technical with occasional logs and rocks to navigate. The views below are reasonably typical of the ridge – native bushland and scrub.

I would say, overall, that you will have most fun on a mountain bike – after all this is what single track is for. But, if you are on a gravel bike adventure, a short detour through here can still be fun.

Details of this ride

Travel guidance

  • Great information and links to ACT government maps of different trails is available on the Friends of Bruce Ridge site.
  • As described above, the Ridge can be accessed via Black Mountain Reserve. If riding CyclingGravel’s Epic Canberra Gravel Trail, or the shorter Arboretum to Russell, it is easy to add a diversion to Bruce Ridge.
  • Please be on the look-out for other cyclists. With only limited exceptions (eg Daviesia Up and Down) the trails are two-way.

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