Not every worthwhile escape from Canberra involves significant use of gravel roads. So, we’ve branched out a little: this page includes some of my favourites for escaping town that are not necessarily gravel. Some I’ve done numerous times, others once (so many routes, so little time). All are recommended ways of getting out from the city by road bike, bikepacker, or whatever takes your fancy – even if you only have a few hours.

For more adventurous rides such as multi-day flashpacking (ie bikepacking without any camping), see the Bikepacking page. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but a great way to explore the countryside.

Canberra winery rides

The Canberra has many wineries. A number offer lunch options, and make for great cycling destinations

Yass on-road day trip

Hills, farmland, wineries and coffee stops make for a great day or overnight ride

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