Tumbarumba Rail Trail winery ride

Rail trails are great. But just sticking to the trail can limit the places to visit. Where possible, CyclingGravel likes to combine rail trailing with some back roads instead of sticking to a strict return trip. Even better when there is a great winery to visit.

Tumbarumba to Rosewood

The start of this ride is the rail trail, which as you’d expect is really easy to follow. More detail on why I think that it is great is included in Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail. We chose to stop for coffee at the General Store, but there is also another cafe shortly before town.

Rosewood to Courabyra

Just beyond the old Rosewood station (on the Tumbarumba side) is Broadleaf Road. This appears to be a road used by traffic heading the direction of Batlow from Rosewood and beyond and therefore is not entirely traffic-less. Also, like a lot of roads around here, there is forestry activity. If you are a nervous on-road traveller it is worth noting that this 9km stretch is the busiest but it remains a back road – we were passed by 1 truck and 1 car, with a couple heading the other direction.

Based upon Cyclinggravel’s explorations, a really good indication that a road has infrequent traffic is the lack of centreline markings. So it proved after connecting with Taradale Road – a quiet backroad with great farm and hill views. Roads like these are just wonderful and there were a number of times I just stopped to take in the view. Lovely.

Connecting left onto Courabyra Road, a lunch stop at Courabyra Wines is highly recommended.

Courabyra to Tumbarumba

Courabyra Road continues the quiet back road vibes, and provides a pleasant way to return to Tumbarumba. But it isn’t gravel. You can continue on tarmac all the way to town, but a quick diversion via Alfred Road provides a short gravel burst, and some lovely views into the valley where the town is based.

Details of this ride

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