Orange to Molong

CyclingGravel is a strong believer that a good climb or two is part of a great ride. This rule is slightly modified when Mrs CyclingGravel is along for the trip: climbing is fine as long as it comes first, with descents towards the end. Unfortunately, most rides from Orange can’t or won’t conform to this ideal due to its elevation; Mount Canobolas is an exception. So, heading to Molong offers great climbing and descents but the ascent is required to return home. Nevertheless, it makes for a lovely country road trip if you are ok with spending some time on roads that also have regular high speed traffic.

To Molong via Borenore Road, Peabody Road

There are plenty of ways to head out of Orange. Passing the surprising “house in a house” (see top window, house is on Woodward Street – exact location shown in Komoot), Cargo Road soon connects with the very pleasant Borenore Road. Flowing and winding towards the small village of Borenore, there is a lot to like about the scenery and lightly trafficked route.

After Borenore village, the route connects with Escort Way, and from here through to Molong (via Peabody Road) there is more traffic – with a 100km/h speed limit. On Escort Way the route has quite decent verge to complement some excellent descents which means it is relatively bicycle friendly.

Peabody Road had less traffic than the Escort Way, but the speed limit remains high and we were passed by a number of semi-trailers. Thankfully there is plenty of visibility on this road and we were afforded a wide berth when passed.

In Molong there were a few options for lunch. We considered Hunky Chunky Pies on Hill Street, but ultimately landed at the extremely friendly Barnsey’s (on Bank Street). This seemed to be quite a favourite with locals, which is always a positive sign (and the coffee and bacon & egg roll on turkish were both good).

Return via Amaroo Road, Escort Way

Departing town, there is a short stretch on the Mitchell Highway. I am not a fan of cycling on highways unless it is absolutely necessary or there is a massive verge. Here the verge is adequate, and also visibility is good for any traffic that needs to pass.

Turning into Amaroo Road, the route returns to the idyllic country route style of Borenore Road – albeit one that is consistently climbing back up towards Orange. Some of the scenery was really stunning, and I very much enjoyed this part of the trip.

Turning into the final part of the route on Escort Way the traffic returns, but thankfully so does the verge. The final climb into town merited some cursing from Mrs CyclingGravel (and also some strava users, based upon segment names), making an end of ride visit to Spilt Milk all the more rewarding.

Details of this ride

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