Orange to Millthorpe

One of life’s great pleasures is combining a ride with a great stop – cafes, wineries and breweries are CyclingGravel favourites. At home, I have some favourite cafes that to include on a ride and each has the required elements: great coffee, friendly and timely service, and ‘something special’. This can be epic bacon & egg rolls, great breakfast toast, unique sweet treats or just the view.

I can completely understand, therefore, why Millthorpe is purportedly a popular cycling destination from Orange. Whether on a weekend or mid-week, head out and pick a cafe.

Cycling to Millthorpe

This is not a difficult ride – generally flat and smooth. Heading out of Orange, the countryside soon emerges along Huntley Road – a route that receives limited traffic. Like all routes that have limited verge, the route also benefits from generally good visibility for passing traffic.

Instead of heading past the airport on the outward trip, a quick gravel detour is available via Ginns Road. You don’t need a serious gravel bike to take this road, and the views and scenes are worth it.

Having reconnected with sealed road and Forest Road, it is mostly a quiet set of backroads to Millthorpe, including some surprising livestock!


There are a number of places you can stop in Millthorpe for coffee. We chose the Millthorpe Providore and would highly recommend the food selection (centred around local produce) and the coffee. It is also a nice spot to sit outside and watch the world go by, and even meet some locals. There were a number of other cafes to choose from, and the cafe at the station seemed quite popular based upon a rudimentary observation. Millthorpe village has quite a lot of boutique shops as well – if you are keen to check them out you might want to make sure you have a way of carrying the loot home!

Cycling back to Orange

The return trip to Orange is not dissimilar to the out-bound journey. Not seeking to linger with an approaching storm, the road allows for a quick return past the airport. Again, the roads are lightly trafficked, which always makes for a pleasant trip.

Details of this ride

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